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Video: Who is this Souleymane Coulibaly cat?

July 20, 2011

Not that I trust football player compilations, but this particular Youtube clip gives a bit of insight to our newest addition to the team: young (16 years of age) Souleymane Coulibaly.

I got sick and tired of hearing how he’s the next Drogba, etc. so I needed to find any evidence of this comparison for my own sake.

After watching the video, I am confident that the boy knows how to strike a ball. He’s also quite intuitive and is foot-savvy enough to dribble defenders.

We’ll have to wait and see how he’ll perform with the youth squad and eventually develop into the first team. Harry and his crew will need to handle this unpolished gem with lots of care. If Souleymane’s to be loaned out, let’s make sure it’s to a competitive side that will play him consistently.

Still, I think this could be a good bit of business for Tottenham if the investment is managed correctly.