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Some questions… Looking for answers

August 7, 2011

Pre-season’s over and we’re well on our way to kicking off our 2011/2012 campaign. The past few matches were nothing to swear our coming season by, but there were some positives along with some negatives. Nothing new really.

Bale looks to be in fine form. The downside to that is it will be a sure thing: no top 4 this season, we’ll be seeing the Welsh wizard on his way out the door. And since we’re discussing Bale, he and VDV have hooked up in recent occasions with some lovely 1-2 passes. Some more of that during the season please.

Kranjcar has been getting a lot of playing time. Does this mean we’ll be seeing more of him? In our shirt that is?

Europa League means we’ll be seeing a lot more of our younger players. It looks like Jake Livermore, Danny Rose, Andros Townsend and a few others will get a shot to impress Harry on select Thursdays. Who will make the most of it?

The transfer window is still open and we’re linked with way too many players, mostly those who have never even proven their potential at success in the Premier League. Most will argue we need strikers – which is very true – but I can’t help but think that we need defenders more than anything.

Which brings me to my next point; will our defence hold up this season? I have a feeling Bassong won’t be capable of delivering the goods. He’s still a bit too shaky in his decision making for me. Gallas has yet to be seen. I honestly have no idea what’s happening with that. This also leads me to wonder if Dawson is the right person to captain our side? His defencive unit have made some very odd mistakes in the last couple of pre-season matches which has me worried. Still, I do appreciate M. Daws a lot and I think he could potentially have a good season.

The very success of Dawson’s season could be dependent on the man behind him… the one between the sticks. Mr. Butterfingers = H. Gomes. He has a lot to prove to the team, the gaffer, and to the supporters this season. He has also has some stiff competition with Brad Friedel breathing down his neck. Let’s hope that triggers some sort of mojo in the Brazilian.

Last but not least, I have refrained from discussing Modric and the transfer to Chelsea. I’ve said all I had to with my previous posts. Whatever happens from here is out of our hands. Tottenham Hotspur is bigger than any one player. We have a tough start to the season since and we’ll need depth and all our players to tackle the challenge ahead.

Come on you Spurs!

Video: Who is this Souleymane Coulibaly cat?

July 20, 2011

Not that I trust football player compilations, but this particular Youtube clip gives a bit of insight to our newest addition to the team: young (16 years of age) Souleymane Coulibaly.

I got sick and tired of hearing how he’s the next Drogba, etc. so I needed to find any evidence of this comparison for my own sake.

After watching the video, I am confident that the boy knows how to strike a ball. He’s also quite intuitive and is foot-savvy enough to dribble defenders.

We’ll have to wait and see how he’ll perform with the youth squad and eventually develop into the first team. Harry and his crew will need to handle this unpolished gem with lots of care. If Souleymane’s to be loaned out, let’s make sure it’s to a competitive side that will play him consistently.

Still, I think this could be a good bit of business for Tottenham if the investment is managed correctly.


Luka’s a “great” what?

July 19, 2011

Words from the mouth of John Terry:

“He’s [Luka Modric] very agile, very quick and a great finisher like we’ve seen over many years.”

He is definitely the first two but a ” great finisher” he is not. At least not yet.

This interview will be the perfect weapon for the media to escalate this saga to another level.

Bombarding-Luka-to-Chelsea posts to flood Newsnow in 3,2,1…

Happy to stay?

July 6, 2011

Anyone else a little weary of Dan Levy’s meeting with Modric? When asked if Modric was happy to remain at Tottenham, he cheekily said that he would be fine once he returned and practiced with the squad. When asked if Modric wanted to go to Chelsea, he plainly stated that “he’s staying at Tottenham”.

Now, this was music to my ears. Don’t get me wrong. However, the way Levy replied to the reporter made it seem like Luka was being forced to stay. Like as if we were holding his family hostage. Stay or else!

It’s kind of sad that we have even reached this point. But honestly speaking, did we not believe that once Champions League footy was tasted, some would want to jump ship when it wasn’t available to us? We’re not that naive. Are we?

I am naive. I always felt that Luka would never leave Tottenham: the club which gave him his first shot at Champions League. If he was to ever consider saying goodbye, that meant that we would have reached a low point with no hope of coming back. We finished 5th for God’s sake! Not making it to the top 4 was obviously a blow, but I believe that we have just as good a chance as anyone of making it back next year.

What was the strategy used by the Chairman to hold onto Modders? “Luka, we’ll be making some big money signings… just wait and see.”

Levy and Redknapp need to show the squad we’re aiming high and that we’re closer than ever to breaking out of our shell. I believe it. I hope you believe it as well. COYS!

Tottenham Hotspur: everything you love about soap operas and more!

July 3, 2011

I’m beginning to think that in order for Levy and his crew to steer our minds away from an already-dull transfer window, rocking the legal side of things with the persistent aim of wining the appeal over West Ham for the Olympic Stadium (OS) bid is the only logical move. Levy has never been one to give up. I’m sure he believes that there’s a major benefit in Spurs moving East, and the fact that nothing was happening on the North London side of things, this potentially could be our only option of growing as a club and bringing in the type of numbers larger clubs do.

As refreshing as it was to read on the Spurs official site that we’re still hard at work attempting to revive the NLD project, I couldn’t help but feel confused more so than hopeful.

Could the tiresome and quite unnecessary battle with the Hammers over the OS be some kind of tactical ploy, even this late in the game? Initially, it seemed to be just that. Various internet sources led us to believe that Levy was leveraging the threat of a possible move away from White Hart Lane, simply because we wanted to grow and the Haringey Council wouldn’t let us. As you all know, we didn’t win the bid and that should have been that.

Hold on…

Levy appealed and continued to play hardball by not letting the Hammers bask in their success, pooing on their parade. All of a sudden, we realised that our Chairman was really hoping that we would have won the bid. Huh? So technically speaking, had West Ham not won the bid by the 14-0 landslide, we would have a new home.

Already at this point, we were all on the edge of our seat. Some furious with the actual prospect of leaving our home territory, some plain insulted. The drama continues to unfold…

Turns out there was some kind of monkey biz going on behind the scenes with a corrupt official working on the OS bid. This morning, I read a post on the brilliant Dear Mr. Levy site that Spurs hired a private investigator and exposed this issue. West Ham released a statement alleging we used our “dirty tricks” to bring it all to light. So wait a minute… they play dirty, we call them out, now we’re the dirty ones? Are they for real? Classy club that West Ham, eh?

With Levy not remaining quiet over the OS, news of the current bid submitted to the Regional Growth Fund was welcomed with cheers and smiles. We always knew that in order for us to increase capacity at the Lane, a lot of funds and additional government aid were required. Especially after the world economies crumbled, Levy and the ENIC board knew that in these trying times spending money will not necessarily make money, but then again, we need to make money in order to compete. Leveraging whatever we have against all sides is absolutely the right path to follow.

I don’t know how Haringey would cope without Tottenham Hotspur. I don’t know how Tottenham Hotspur would cope without Haringey.

The positive financial structure which we proudly reside on is built on the ethos of “business first, club second”, whether we approve of it or not. Is it right? I’m sure many other successful clubs are and will continue to be run in this manner. From a supporter’s point of view, it’s not something we necessarily want to hear.

Hear no evil, see no evil.


June 28, 2011

Luka-zade. The element that will keep us hydrated through the 2011/2012 season. A must-have if we are to challenge for anything, silverware or a top 4 push. Lose him and we would lose our edge.

Now, I know I shouldn’t be saying that one player can make all the difference, simply because I’m not from that school of thought. However, if anyone comes close to making that kind of a difference at Spurs, it’s Luka! His swashbuckling slicing and dicing of opponents is and has been a crucial component of many of our best attacking moments. Sure, those moments are left with anti-climactic “blue-ball” endings (happy endings without the “happy”), not usually his fault as our forwards are almost entirely to blame. You can point the finger and say “well, the boy just doesn’t score enough goals” but then again, is that really his role?

One thing’s for sure, Modric is a world-class player and every big bully on the school ground wants him in his click. Simply because he could be the brains behind it all… the strategist, if you will.

Modric can dictate the direction, pace, swagger, and quality of our play all with a simple pass. He is a visionary on the pitch and he can preempt things most other players won’t comprehend. So what’s going to happen? Nobody knows. All I know is we need to match the boy’s ambition with quality signings. We need a mix of fresh blood and experience.

You cannot blame Luka for wanting to be a winner. He deserves it, even if it’s not with us. Levy and Redknapp need to make key signings this summer that state Spurs’ intent on tackling the top 4… every year.

After all, a classy player needs a classy joint to hang out in.

Feelings, wheelings and dealings

June 13, 2011

Dusting off the cobwebs here at the HQ and the sight isn’t pretty. Aging furniture and curtains sure have a way of making the point that it’s been a while since I last posted. Apologies for that.

Summer has arrived and so has Brad Friedel. It seems Harry has been reading his literature textbooks again because summer symbolizes maturity and knowledge. If that’s the basis of his transfer “wheelings and dealings”, then I guess that would explain why he feels the need to sign more experienced players: Drogba, Forlan, Rio Ferdinand (if there’s any truth there), Beckham, etc.

I for one believe that it’s time that we start signing some just-maturing players in the 24 – 26 age bracket. They have a bit of experience under their belts at that age and are somewhat close to their prime, yet potentially influenced.

Defence is an area we should address quick. I’m happy to see that Gallas has become a pivotal element in our back four. The guy has really put in a lot of effort and hard work to make sure none of us question his allegiance to the cockerel. Daws will be Daws, but this season hasn’t really seen his best efforts. Bassong looks set to leave and with all honesty, he’s too shaky in his decision-making for us to rely on him. King and Woodgate require a medical team investment which could be used on new signings instead. Still, it’s great to have them on the bench and available at their doctors’ discretion.

I’m very happy with the midfield. I would be happier and more relaxed knowing we were able to retain the services of Mr. Kranjcar. I have made no secret in expressing my love for this man (neither has my wife as she is completely taken by his dashing looks), his style of play, his attitude, and his fiery shots at goal. What went wrong in that relationship with Harry is beyond me. Nonsensical.

The forward line needs a bit of work. Robbie is leaving for sure (I’d like to think), but the other three should stay. They should definitely not complain about 1st team football considering the amount of goals they collectively achieved this season. Bad year? Sure, for one guy… but not all three. No excuses boys. Still, they are skilled and I think it will be hard to find two or three good strikers out there, available for decent money and not some sort of ridiculous un-payable ransom amount (not to Man City of course).

So what happens from here we don’t know. The press seems to link us with every unknown player in the world (as always) but we supposedly have had a few bids officially rejected. Rossi would have been a great addition but I can see him and Villareal holding out for a bid from Barcelona. My message to Harry and Levy is be realistic, get us players who we know can fit the system and that will be more than capable of score goals in the Premier League… not the Chinese league. God knows we’ll need them come next season.


No title

April 3, 2011

For us… that is.

Man United are running away with it, with Arsenal clawing at their heels. Man City’s golden duo of Silva and Tevez seem to have the goods to keep them in the fight for the top 3 (for now). Chelsea have shown glimpses of quality, Torres not included, but are still struggling to look like the team that started the season. Where does this leave us?

I think it’s safe to say we’re out of the title hunt, not that I ever thought we were in it to begin with. We’re struggling to score goals, and it must frustrate the hell out of players like Modric who is not only doing his part, but is putting in 200% effort every match, carrying the load of others.

So if we continue on this dangerous path, the only chance at Champions League football next season will be if we take the trophy this year. YIKEZ!

COYS! Get your shit together.

Sandro is our Essien?

March 11, 2011

Too early to tell. I know. But with all fairness, if there is any midfielder I would love for this towering 21-year old to model his career after, it’s Michael Essien. I have yet to find somebody who thinks Essien is a diva, lazy, incompetent or has any other negative character trait… other than the fact he plays for Chelsea, of course.

Now, as I type this post, I’m sure many of you will be thinking that I’m speaking a bit too prematurely. And you’re right, I am. However, I’m not getting ahead of myself and predicting legendary status for the kid. I’m simply saying that he has shown some great qualities in recent matches for someone who is so young, someone who is playing in the most competitive league in the world, and battling teams such as the league leaders from Italy. At least give me that much.

Playing in the CDM role, his size and stamina are enough to intimidate most players (ahem… Zlatan). During the Milan match, he covered every inch of the pitch, while positioning himself at the right place – right time almost 90% of the game. He has obviously had to adapt quite quickly with all the injuries mounting ahead of him. Has he taken his chance thus far? Yes. Will he continue to do so? I don’t know, but I hope he does. To impress ‘Arry in both Champions League fixtures against Milan (home & away) in the manner that he has, means the boy is doing something right.

What does concern me at this point is how reliable he will be in the Premier League. The sheer pace of the game, whether it be a fixture against West Brom or the Arse, could mean that he won’t have as much time to cover as much ground as he could against an aging Milan squad. The English game is light speed in comparison.

But for now, I’m glad he’s ours. I’m also impressed that our scouts were able to pick him up on their radars. By the looks of it, the boy Sandro is the real deal. ‘Arry and his partners in crime will need to keep on eye on this gem and make sure that he develops efficiently.

Bale… art in motion

March 10, 2011

I know I haven’t been around for quite some time, even haven’t been visiting my favorite Spurs’ blogs. However, when this video was sent to me by a friend, I couldn’t hold back. Enjoy!