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The need to settle down

January 1, 2010

Now that 2010 has arrived, one tends to sit back and reflect on 2009 and see what positives he / she could build on to make the new year a better one.

I’ve already posted on the looking back bit, but there is a key factor that will determine our success in the coming months. It popped into my head this morning when I was slowly rolling out of bed (post-new year celebratory mode) that the January window is upon us, which means other teams and managers will be doing whatever it takes to unsettle our squad, especially if we’re pushing for any of the top spots.

Harry and Levy will have to make this January window a smooth transition with quick transactions, if any. Players who are on their way out need to be perished! Players on their way in should be secured early. No Prima Donnas! We need the hardworking team-oriented type. The Kranjcar(s), Palacios(es) and Crouch(es) of this world. We don’t want a PR machine. We want top 4!

Yes, I said it and took the liberty of speaking on your behalf too. We want top 4!

With the way we have been playing lately, we are showing all the right signs of breaking into the top 4. Whether we imitate Aston Villa’s attempted top 4 run of last season is another story (they ran out of wind at the end), but we should aim for the maximum and die trying. I know many of you are cringing at my potential jinxing of our whole season, but we do have the players to pull it off. I believe it! Now, getting them to play with 150% focus and determination is another issue, but that’s not my job now… is it Mr. Redknapp?

Glue it together… quick

November 19, 2009

Time to get back into posting action.

I can’t seem to shake the feeling that we had kicked off the international break looking a bit unsettled. We’ve come a long way since our first few games of the season. Confidence and resilience, along with all other words ending with “ences” were evident. Down 1-0, no problem. We were confident enough to come back and score 2 in the matter of minutes. But where has all that resilience gone?

Top 4 blows

Obviously, not including Liverpool in this equation, simply because we handled them really well. A dominant display which was a major confidence boost for the boys. You couldn’t help but feel that the squad felt somewhat invincible leading up to our fixtures against Chelsea and Man U. We kicked off the season – first 5 matches (league & cup) to be exact – with no losses and no draws for the first time in approximately 40 years.

Then we went to Arsenal. The hardest loss to swallow simply because we didn’t show up to play. We showed up to get beat.


I miss him! I can’t say it enough! His creative input is a key component to our success. Even when subbed off (once or twice – can’t remember), he still was a handful for our opponents to deal with. Not having his creative input has definitely slowed down our attack and if we were following the methodology of “attacking is the best defense”, then we’re in trouble. Our attacking hasn’t been much of a threat in recent times.

Thankfully, Kranjcar was a steal at the price we paid and he has done well filling in for little Modders.

Player Selection

I will never know why Harry selects players the way that he does… sometimes. Nor am I a professional  analyst to justify or butcher why he would play Jenas on the left wing. But I just don’t get it.

The 3 Match Ban

Defoe cost us big. We managed to lose at home to Stoke, then went to the Emirates and were humiliated (post first 40 minutes of the match). 3 matches… 2 losses. Thanks JD!


Read my thoughts in Captain Keane… where are you?

So there you have it folks. A few reasons for our slight dip in form. Glue it together ‘Arry. And I don’t mean Super Glue it… I mean use some of that real sticky, intense industrial stuff!

Where will we finish?

September 5, 2009

I admit to enjoying the many heated arguments taking place on Spurs blogs across the digital globe these days. Some say we’re top 4. Some say we’ll win the league. Others keep their sights on the top 6. We were really missing these passionate fueds last season. But now we’ve all had our bums set on fire thanks to ‘Arry and the boys! Que the debates.

What’s wrong with wanting to win the league? Imagine if everyone just sat back and aimed for 8th or 11th spot. I know we’re targetting 6th but if we have the opportunity to finish higher we would surely take a crack at it. Otherwise, what’s the reason for competing in the first place?

Is it wrong to believe we could challenge for a top 4 spot? No, not at all. Is it wrong to assume we’re contenders for it. Maybe, maybe not. All I know is that it would be utter devastation if we don’t break 6th. It would mean failure for Tottenham simply because our current squad has the quality to place much higher.


Getting ahead of ourselves

August 25, 2009

9 points from 3 games is something to get excited about for sure! I don’t think any Spurs fan would have confidently predicted this type of start to our season. Unfortunately, with a “Cinderella story” like this, the media throws everything into a frenzy. Endless speculation that we could be the team challenging the top 4. Why? TV ratings and traffic directed to their sites. Everyone wants a piece of the Tottenham pie!

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m completely torn between celebrating our winning form or simply understating it in full precaution. Last thing I need is for Spurs to take a dip and hear unnecessary banter about how “we were never going to make it anyways”. I’m proud of our current position, but with it comes a load of responsibilty. The players need to understand that their every shot, pass, chip, lob, soundbite, etc. will be under heavy scrutiny. As much as the media loves captilising on our form today, they will drool at the prospect of thrashing us tomorrow.

Prime example: Liverpool. “Rafa quit… Gerrard thrashed… Torres spanked…”. Utter crap.

We need to look at the bigger picture and take baby steps. Once we have won 20 games or so, then we can start to talk about breaking the top 4. Looking at previous seasons, teams who sit in the top 4 are there because they are consistently winning games throughout the whole season. Not 3 at the start. Top 6 should be very well within our reach as Harry openly states. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and take it one match at a time. I’m sure my bloodpressure would appreciate it.

Just to tickle your bums a bit… thought I would throw in this pic because it isn’t often we get to see this on the official Premier League site, on top of all 3 tables! Did I just get ahead of myself? Am I a hypocrite? Did I just wet my pants?



  1. Carrick + 10 million for Modric?? This nonesense has to stop!
  2. Lescott for 24 million quid??? Who values theses guys?


  1. Potential loan agreement for 23 yr old French midfielder, Kevin Anin is in the works after an “impressive” one-week trial; a Palacios type of player. Rumor or reality?
  2. Spurs testing out Honduran defender Osman Chavez; supposedly he’s already arrived at the Lane. Rumor or reality?
  3. Spotted this on Harry Hotspur first… 20 yr old Brazilian defensive midfielder, Sandro, being scouted by Spurs. Rumor or reality?