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Bale… art in motion

March 10, 2011

I know I haven’t been around for quite some time, even haven’t been visiting my favorite Spurs’ blogs. However, when this video was sent to me by a friend, I couldn’t hold back. Enjoy!


Out of style or hopefully making a comeback?

October 6, 2010

The “fro”. Out of style or making a comeback? Niko Kranjcar. Out of form or out of favor? With the rise of one star, another must fall. In this particular circumstance, let’s hold hands and pray that’s not the case.

Van Der Vaart’s instant success (knocking on my wooden desk as I type) in the squad has been nothing short of brilliant for Spurs. And thankfully (sometimes not), history has a way of repeating itself at the Lane.

Around this same time last year, Levy and co. struck the mother of all transfer deals of the 2009 /2010 season:

Niko Kranjcar for approximately ÂŁ2 million. A mouthwatering deal at the dying end of the summer transfer market.

Niko smoothly sailed into the hearts of Tottenham supporters and was rightfully greeted with open arms. At a time when we lost Modric to a terrible injury, his Croat compatriot came in and carried the duties on the left flank (a time before Bale was re-discovered). Cutting into the middle of the pitch with some of the sexiest ball control skills seen, Niko added another wild card to the mix: he could score.

In addition, Niko was able to gel with the team within weeks because he had tenure under Harry, played with Crouch and Defoe at Pompey, while also having experience playing with Modric and Corluka for the Croatian national team. It was a match made in heaven.

Kranjcar remained an integral part of the squad until he was injured in the FA Cup Semi-Final match against Portsmouth, which unfortunately ended his season. None of us honestly know how and if he has truly recovered from that setback.

The last second arrival of VDV is not something I would consider a major blow to Niko; however, the fact that the only sight we get of him is warming up on the side lines does ring a few alarms. Is he on his way out? Is he a part of Harry’s plans? January 2011 will tell all.

There’s still a long season ahead. God only knows what injuries await us. If recent trends are anything to live by, then our road to success is currently under construction. Niko will have his chance, I’m sure of that. Whatever factors result in that happening, I’m hoping are for the right reasons rather than out of necessity.

It’s hard to watch somebody as talented as Niko twiddling his thumbs on the bench. His hand in our Champions League qualification and Premier League success adds a bit of salt to the wound. But this is the game of football. You’re a hero one second… a Recaro seat-warmer the next.

This is also a different Tottenham. Qualification for the Champions League potentially signals a massive shift in momentum for our beloved Spurs, keeping in mind that we are also inching ever-so-close to a new stadium deal as well. My point being that the players we currently have who show a wealth of potential, promise and commitment, could eventually take the back seat with new exposure. New, bigger name players will be scouted and signed with hopes and promises of pushing us forward.

This does not mean that I want to see the backside of Niko. He has the exact qualities we need at Tottenham. If he’s the type of player I believe he is, he’ll put up a passionate fight until the very end. If he doesn’t, then maybe Harry has been right to keep him on the bench all this time. I’m praying for the former characteristic to shine.

There is no looking back. The pressure turned on once we tasted success. We should only want more… our players as well. Otherwise, lock the gates, remove the copper cockrel from the roof and call it quits.

[Photo Source: Tomislav Miletic/24sata]

Spurs 3 – Hull 0

August 1, 2009

If anyone is interested, my post match review for the Barclays Asia Trophy final can be found on the link below. Was invited to write for an independent Spurs site, The Spurs Web.

Twitter-dee or Twitter-dumb

August 1, 2009

What was Darren Bent thinking? As a professional footballer, you have to be careful of what you say and do… your every move is watched by others. When I first heard that Bent’s Twitter account had some derogatory comments towards the Tottenham board for delaying his move to Sunderland, I was shocked. I have seen fake accounts set up by people taking the piss. This time, however, it was all true.

He told them to “stop f###ing around”; that he was “seriously getting pissed off now!” He then wrote: “Do I wanna go Hull City NO. Do I wanna go Stoke NO do I wanna go Sunderland YES so stop f###ing around, Levy. Sunderland are not the problem in the slightest.” – His grammatical errors according to quotes I found online; not mine 🙂

Wow, glad we paid a lot of money for this fool! I understand his frustration, who knows what I would do in his position. But at the end of the day, he has kids looking up to him, he has fans that support him and at the same time – as one friend wisely mentioned – he is our player. We have the right to use him as a negotiation tool whether he likes it or not.

Bent’s come clean since posting a public apology on the Spurs official site. Apparently, he will be fined ÂŁ80,000 for this mess up. Twitter-Dumb if you ask me!

UPDATE: Turns out the fine is ÂŁ120,000 – ouch!


July 31, 2009

New rumor circulating that Spurs are after Miguel Viloso, the 23 yr old Portugese CB / CDM. Just want to say that I don’t necessarily see any truth in it I have seen a few Arsenal blogs and they say they’re after him as well. Maybe they are. Maybe we share the same scouts.

Whatever, let’s look at it from Spurs point of view. He would bring some much needed cover to the CB position as he is quite agile and has a great left foot – could be useful for long crosses to Crouchie. Is he ready for the English game though? Would he fit into the role of CB in the Premier League? Maybe the kid can learn a lot from Ledley, Woodie and Dawson. Answers anyone?

His manager, Paulo Barbosa, was asked about Tottenham, Arsenal and Man City’s interest: “We will see, we will see soon.” Not anything to get excited about, but no clear denial here.

Moving Forward

July 29, 2009

I am a blog addict! There, I SAID IT! Admitting it is the first step in that long lonely walk on the road to recovery. Personally, I enjoy reading blogs written by fans way more than official news sites. Fans are just crazy about their teams. They don’t sugar coat anything or speculate to increase revenue; blogs are raw and uncut! I even find myself reading blogs of other teams supporters. You get a much better sense of what’s happening on the ground and not the top level corporate box crap.

These last couple of days I have been reading so many Spurs blogs and I realize that fans are constantly bitching about Harry Redknapp and his decision to sign Peter Crouch. You would think that Harry would do whatever it takes to help Tottenham succeed; after all, he is our manager. One major positive that I have been seeing over the last couple of days is the constant signing of our youngsters – Danny Rose, Jake Livermore and Troy Archibald to name a few. This shows that we are building a team for the future and not only thinking about the coming season. We should give Harry the benefit of the doubt at this point. People weren’t sure about Palacios for 12 million pounds; look at him now! He is practically a legend-in-the-making in Spurs supporters eyes. Bringing Keane back was a crucial move for the team, inspiring some confidence and much needed direction on the pitch; it had it’s share of moments though. Had Defoe not been injured, I know he would have scored many goals for us and we possibly could have finished in the top 6. We have to look at the bigger picture and realize that moving slowly does not necessarily mean we are moving backwards.