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Spurs just want to put it out there

August 6, 2009

It was strange seeing an official stock exchange announcement on Tottenham’s site stating that the Bent transfer fee was for “a total consideration of up to £16.5 million.” Apparently, Spurs management were miffed that Sunderland went ahead and announced to the media that the transfer had been agreed for £10 million, or simply put, a loss considering we signed him for way more. We had to set the record straight!

I guess it’s always important to boast about your positive “wheelings and dealings” in the transfer market. You have to be a shark and someone other teams are afraid of. I am Daniel Levy! HEAR ME ROAR!!!!

Levy has done some great business on this transaction and deserves a pat on the back from the board. We aren’t going to get all the money up front but I am sure there are payment terms based on some sort of incentive scheme which is still impressive for the amount mentioned. Bent was not worth 10 mil at the end; I have explained why in previous posts.

Let’s hope we net a few more transfers for s##ts and giggles before Liverpool come to town.