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August 21, 2012

I know… I haven’t written in ages. Forgive me and all that jazz.

After stalking Newsnow on a daily basis and reading everything Tottenham, I have managed to frustrate myself more than anything. It has nothing to do with the lack of transfer activity, but everything to do with peoples’ posts and comments. So all I want to say is this:

Guys, let’s NOT be fickle. Modric has been one of our best players (if not the best) at Tottenham over the past 3 years. No, Huddlestone is not capable of filling his shoes. I’m not saying that he’s useless to us, but unless AVB pursues tactics and a formation which would suit Hudd there is no way he can fulfill the Modric role. And I’m afraid that after the squad list was announced for the Newcastle match on Saturday, the Hudd argument may no loner be relevant. We’ll have to wait and see what happens going forward.

VDV is a fantastic player; however, I do not envision him having the patience for the role that Modric plays at Spurs. I hope to be proven wrong.

While scouring through these sites, many have been quick to judge Modric’s fate if he was to be unsold. “Let him rot”. I beg to differ. Not having Modric in our side will affect the way we play. It doesn’t mean that we cannot make the “Top 4”, but the Tottenham you have seen over the past few years will have a different genetic makeup to its approach. In regards to price and the “he isn’t worth 40 mil” argument, he is worth every penny Levy is asking for and Levy knows this. When Chelsea came knocking, he threw the 40 mil price in their face to turn them away from the deal. This time around it’s different. One of the best footballing clubs in the world is pursuing Modric… 40 mil makes absolute sense.

And don’t kid yourselves, Modric is that good. Why attack him for wanting to move to Real Madrid? He’s given us a few good years and if the right amount of money exchanges bank accounts, we shouldn’t harbor any hard feelings. Business is business. If he went to Chelsea or United, that would be another story. Let’s not sound like the ungrateful Arsenal fans that bashed RVP, even though he single-handedly took them into the Champions League last season. Fickle doesn’t look good in lilywhite.


Luka’s a “great” what?

July 19, 2011

Words from the mouth of John Terry:

“He’s [Luka Modric] very agile, very quick and a great finisher like we’ve seen over many years.”

He is definitely the first two but a ” great finisher” he is not. At least not yet.

This interview will be the perfect weapon for the media to escalate this saga to another level.

Bombarding-Luka-to-Chelsea posts to flood Newsnow in 3,2,1…


June 28, 2011

Luka-zade. The element that will keep us hydrated through the 2011/2012 season. A must-have if we are to challenge for anything, silverware or a top 4 push. Lose him and we would lose our edge.

Now, I know I shouldn’t be saying that one player can make all the difference, simply because I’m not from that school of thought. However, if anyone comes close to making that kind of a difference at Spurs, it’s Luka! His swashbuckling slicing and dicing of opponents is and has been a crucial component of many of our best attacking moments. Sure, those moments are left with anti-climactic “blue-ball” endings (happy endings without the “happy”), not usually his fault as our forwards are almost entirely to blame. You can point the finger and say “well, the boy just doesn’t score enough goals” but then again, is that really his role?

One thing’s for sure, Modric is a world-class player and every big bully on the school ground wants him in his click. Simply because he could be the brains behind it all… the strategist, if you will.

Modric can dictate the direction, pace, swagger, and quality of our play all with a simple pass. He is a visionary on the pitch and he can preempt things most other players won’t comprehend. So what’s going to happen? Nobody knows. All I know is we need to match the boy’s ambition with quality signings. We need a mix of fresh blood and experience.

You cannot blame Luka for wanting to be a winner. He deserves it, even if it’s not with us. Levy and Redknapp need to make key signings this summer that state Spurs’ intent on tackling the top 4… every year.

After all, a classy player needs a classy joint to hang out in.

Feelings, wheelings and dealings

June 13, 2011

Dusting off the cobwebs here at the HQ and the sight isn’t pretty. Aging furniture and curtains sure have a way of making the point that it’s been a while since I last posted. Apologies for that.

Summer has arrived and so has Brad Friedel. It seems Harry has been reading his literature textbooks again because summer symbolizes maturity and knowledge. If that’s the basis of his transfer “wheelings and dealings”, then I guess that would explain why he feels the need to sign more experienced players: Drogba, Forlan, Rio Ferdinand (if there’s any truth there), Beckham, etc.

I for one believe that it’s time that we start signing some just-maturing players in the 24 – 26 age bracket. They have a bit of experience under their belts at that age and are somewhat close to their prime, yet potentially influenced.

Defence is an area we should address quick. I’m happy to see that Gallas has become a pivotal element in our back four. The guy has really put in a lot of effort and hard work to make sure none of us question his allegiance to the cockerel. Daws will be Daws, but this season hasn’t really seen his best efforts. Bassong looks set to leave and with all honesty, he’s too shaky in his decision-making for us to rely on him. King and Woodgate require a medical team investment which could be used on new signings instead. Still, it’s great to have them on the bench and available at their doctors’ discretion.

I’m very happy with the midfield. I would be happier and more relaxed knowing we were able to retain the services of Mr. Kranjcar. I have made no secret in expressing my love for this man (neither has my wife as she is completely taken by his dashing looks), his style of play, his attitude, and his fiery shots at goal. What went wrong in that relationship with Harry is beyond me. Nonsensical.

The forward line needs a bit of work. Robbie is leaving for sure (I’d like to think), but the other three should stay. They should definitely not complain about 1st team football considering the amount of goals they collectively achieved this season. Bad year? Sure, for one guy… but not all three. No excuses boys. Still, they are skilled and I think it will be hard to find two or three good strikers out there, available for decent money and not some sort of ridiculous un-payable ransom amount (not to Man City of course).

So what happens from here we don’t know. The press seems to link us with every unknown player in the world (as always) but we supposedly have had a few bids officially rejected. Rossi would have been a great addition but I can see him and Villareal holding out for a bid from Barcelona. My message to Harry and Levy is be realistic, get us players who we know can fit the system and that will be more than capable of score goals in the Premier League… not the Chinese league. God knows we’ll need them come next season.


Out of style or hopefully making a comeback?

October 6, 2010

The “fro”. Out of style or making a comeback? Niko Kranjcar. Out of form or out of favor? With the rise of one star, another must fall. In this particular circumstance, let’s hold hands and pray that’s not the case.

Van Der Vaart’s instant success (knocking on my wooden desk as I type) in the squad has been nothing short of brilliant for Spurs. And thankfully (sometimes not), history has a way of repeating itself at the Lane.

Around this same time last year, Levy and co. struck the mother of all transfer deals of the 2009 /2010 season:

Niko Kranjcar for approximately £2 million. A mouthwatering deal at the dying end of the summer transfer market.

Niko smoothly sailed into the hearts of Tottenham supporters and was rightfully greeted with open arms. At a time when we lost Modric to a terrible injury, his Croat compatriot came in and carried the duties on the left flank (a time before Bale was re-discovered). Cutting into the middle of the pitch with some of the sexiest ball control skills seen, Niko added another wild card to the mix: he could score.

In addition, Niko was able to gel with the team within weeks because he had tenure under Harry, played with Crouch and Defoe at Pompey, while also having experience playing with Modric and Corluka for the Croatian national team. It was a match made in heaven.

Kranjcar remained an integral part of the squad until he was injured in the FA Cup Semi-Final match against Portsmouth, which unfortunately ended his season. None of us honestly know how and if he has truly recovered from that setback.

The last second arrival of VDV is not something I would consider a major blow to Niko; however, the fact that the only sight we get of him is warming up on the side lines does ring a few alarms. Is he on his way out? Is he a part of Harry’s plans? January 2011 will tell all.

There’s still a long season ahead. God only knows what injuries await us. If recent trends are anything to live by, then our road to success is currently under construction. Niko will have his chance, I’m sure of that. Whatever factors result in that happening, I’m hoping are for the right reasons rather than out of necessity.

It’s hard to watch somebody as talented as Niko twiddling his thumbs on the bench. His hand in our Champions League qualification and Premier League success adds a bit of salt to the wound. But this is the game of football. You’re a hero one second… a Recaro seat-warmer the next.

This is also a different Tottenham. Qualification for the Champions League potentially signals a massive shift in momentum for our beloved Spurs, keeping in mind that we are also inching ever-so-close to a new stadium deal as well. My point being that the players we currently have who show a wealth of potential, promise and commitment, could eventually take the back seat with new exposure. New, bigger name players will be scouted and signed with hopes and promises of pushing us forward.

This does not mean that I want to see the backside of Niko. He has the exact qualities we need at Tottenham. If he’s the type of player I believe he is, he’ll put up a passionate fight until the very end. If he doesn’t, then maybe Harry has been right to keep him on the bench all this time. I’m praying for the former characteristic to shine.

There is no looking back. The pressure turned on once we tasted success. We should only want more… our players as well. Otherwise, lock the gates, remove the copper cockrel from the roof and call it quits.

[Photo Source: Tomislav Miletic/24sata]


July 9, 2010

Sitting in front of my computer, fingers resting on the home keys and ready to bang out this post, I must admit that I feel a bit intimidated. I haven’t posted anything in quite some time due to personal reasons and the fact that I was in need of a break. During this quiet – bar those damn vuvuzelas – period, I decided to set a personal goal for myself: I will work hard at developing my writing when it comes to Tottenham.

Reading so many of the other Spurs blogs, I have realized that we have so many great sites to pick and choose from. We need not depend on the likes of the Daily Mail and The Sun for a good read in the morning. If you don’t believe me, just visit the sidebar on this site and go through the list. Quality writing with heart oozing through each and every paragraph. Lucky I tell ya!

That is why I chose to take a break. I needed time to explore how to better my writing and to develop my skills to match some of the great Tottenham blogs out there. If I achieve 30% of that, I will be happy.

So enough of the drama and lets revert back to Spurs. Shall we?

With the World Cup coming to a close, our moves in the transfer market could be right around the corner. It has been kicked off with Levy securing Autonomy as our Premier League shirt sponsor. The man is freakishly creative when it comes to making money. I want to lick his bald head.

Reading all the talk from the web, you would be forgiven for thinking that Spurs were going to sign the entire Uruguayan attack lineup. Whatever signings we do complete in this market, they must be willing to die for the cause. Is Joe Cole that type of player? I honestly cannot say at this point. Harry seems to think so, and I trust the gaffer blindly. It feels great to admit to that. For once, I can fully trust a manager with the fate of our season in his hands.

Thanks Harry.

“That’s all folks!”

February 3, 2010

The short-lived January window officially came to a close the other night with a few surprises, twists and turns. It wasn’t the usual erratic Tottenham we’ve all grwon to love, but it was filled with the ever-redundant Harry vs. Pav quotes constantly gracing Newsnow. Snooze.

So we all know that Gudjohnsen and Kaboul have arrived. The signing of Gudjohnsen was a positive move in my opinion, a player who has played at the highest level and has tasted success. He may be off in the fitness department, but I’m sure Harry sees something promising in having him around. In regards to Kaboul, I guess it was a deal which was done out of necessity more than admiration. Woodgate has been unable to overcome his groin injury, while at the same time we cannot depend on King to stay healthy game-in game-out. We need options. Whether Kaboul is up for the job is another question. Apparently, he also has the ability to slot into the RB role, where since Hutton and Naughton (both RBs) have been loaned out, Corluka will desperately need cover.

Giovanni Dos Santos has also been loaned out to Galatasaray. I hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of him. I worry though that all these loan spells have done nothing to boost his morale at Tottenham. Not being wanted can have a major affect on any player. Bent. Who am I kidding? Act like a professional FFS.

So it was looking to be a boring window, but then came the highlight of it all. Keane’s move to Celtic could be the highest profile transfer of this window. I’m sure Celtic fans would like to think so. I mean, at the end of the day, he’s back at his “boyhood club”. It makes me wonder if Keano could be the luckiest player in the world? I mean, to play for both of your boyhood clubs in the span of two years must be an amazing accomplishment. Not.

Leeds tonight. Praying for success.

The need to settle down

January 1, 2010

Now that 2010 has arrived, one tends to sit back and reflect on 2009 and see what positives he / she could build on to make the new year a better one.

I’ve already posted on the looking back bit, but there is a key factor that will determine our success in the coming months. It popped into my head this morning when I was slowly rolling out of bed (post-new year celebratory mode) that the January window is upon us, which means other teams and managers will be doing whatever it takes to unsettle our squad, especially if we’re pushing for any of the top spots.

Harry and Levy will have to make this January window a smooth transition with quick transactions, if any. Players who are on their way out need to be perished! Players on their way in should be secured early. No Prima Donnas! We need the hardworking team-oriented type. The Kranjcar(s), Palacios(es) and Crouch(es) of this world. We don’t want a PR machine. We want top 4!

Yes, I said it and took the liberty of speaking on your behalf too. We want top 4!

With the way we have been playing lately, we are showing all the right signs of breaking into the top 4. Whether we imitate Aston Villa’s attempted top 4 run of last season is another story (they ran out of wind at the end), but we should aim for the maximum and die trying. I know many of you are cringing at my potential jinxing of our whole season, but we do have the players to pull it off. I believe it! Now, getting them to play with 150% focus and determination is another issue, but that’s not my job now… is it Mr. Redknapp?

Who we are today

October 2, 2009

Looking at who we are this season in comparison to last, we really haven’t changed much as a team. We’ve had a few players leave and a few come in, but all in all, we are relatively the same team we were last season. ‘Arry went for the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” methodology and it’s been looking good thus far.

The major change lies with Mr. Redknapp and his philosophies which have reshaped the club into a team driven entity. Not that we were ever a “one man show”, but the difference is we now know how to efficiently work together as a team. What you can blatantly see is the change in communication. Other than verbal, I am talking about pure body language. On the attack, the players communicate with their feet and swagger. The confidence levels have been high which directly translate to a controlled  passing game and a fiery attack. One place we do seem to lack some communication is defense, but that is largely due to injuries plaguing our lineups leaving players out of position (i.e. Hudd, Corluka). That should all change relatively soon once the international break is over in a few weeks time. A healthy Dawson has just re-emerged, King’s hammy should be fine, and hopefully Woodie will be back in the lineup if the shots he is taking now turn out to be the anecdote.

But again, it is the change in policies, thanks to ‘Arry, that has reshaped and reformed our club. Let’s touch up on a few, shall we?

A hard stance against “drinking”.

This was pure genius in my opinion. It seemed like our bunch liked to have a few, but unfortunately for them, it always ended up in the papers which couldn’t be good for team morale. I never had a problem with players having a good time but when it gets in the way of their performance, ALT CTRL DEL. DRINK

Appointing coaches to help individual players.

Bringing Tony Parks to help Gomes at a time when he was ridiculed by everyone including the Spurs faithful. It did wonders for his confidence and it sparked a clean sheet run which helped us survive the drop. Many were critical of the Les Ferdinand appointment initially, but I think it has had a positive effect overall. Defoe seems to enjoy working with him.

Giving out squad numbers & contracts.

This was a tactical mind f#@k for the older boys. Get on with it or you’ll always be looking over your shoulders. Also brought a sense of hope to the young. By awarding them short term contracts and then sending them all out on loan, ‘Arry was able to boost their confidence and give them the match exposure needed to grow as players. Now whether Redknapp decides to sell or keep the players, their values automatically increase when they get minutes in the Coca Cola or the Prem; in the end it doesn’t matter. Wheeling and dealing Senor Redknapp, you are good… very good!

The problem with our youth program previously was the gray area of “will I get a chance to break into the starting squad or not?”. Everyone now has a chance and their performance will dictate where they go at Spurs. The contracts have given them confidence and hope in knowing they are an integral part of Spurs long term plans.

Importing Portsmouth.

Sorry Pompey fans, but by bringing back Defoe, adding Crouchie and securing Kranjcar for virtually nothing, ‘Arry brought in players who were experienced with his management style. He also brought in players who had experience playing with others (i.e. Niko w/ Modric and Corluka on the international front). Genius once again.


I’m sure many criticized this move instantly as they heard the news. I wasn’t so sure of paying 14 million quid for a player who one year earlier was purchased for 1 million. How could this be? The deal has been a success since day one and his value has been justified by the quality he has brought to the squad: fierceness.

Depth & avoiding the transfer market circus.

We were involved in the transfer market this year, quite late in comparison to usual, but for once I felt we were effective bringing in players who would add depth and competition in all the right areas. True, I felt we needed a defender towards the end of the window, but ‘Arry knew tactically what was needed and stuck by his guns.

So who are we today?

Today, we are Tottenham. Tottenham that controls the flow of the game with perfectly timed passing. Tottenham that constantly threatens the opposing defense. Tottenham, run by a manager that isn’t afraid to speak his mind and let everyone have it. Tottenham, a team with options. Tottenham, Super Tottenham, We Are Tottenham from the Lane.


Kranjcar in… nobody else?

September 2, 2009

Nico Kranjcar is officially part of the Spurs family which is fantastic news! The 25 year old has loads of talent and the fact that he and Modric already have experience playing together makes me salivate. Wipe wipe. Plus he’s a steal at 2-3 million quid!

I must admit that I was expecting Levy & Redknapp to bring in two more players, a central defender (can’t have enough of  those with our injury worries) and a defensive midfielder (a Palacios understudy). Guess we might see a move for someone in the January window. Sandro from Brazil anyone?

I know that Harry rates David James but why on earth would we have gone for another keeper when we already have two solid ones now. Plus he’s knocking on 40 yrs of age. All in all, it worked out for Portsmouth cause they desperately need him at this point.

It’s been reported that Harry was looking to bring in Upson from West Ham, but they were valuing him at 12 million quid so scratch that. Is anyone worried that we haven’t signed a center back? I know we have 4 defenders in the squad but two are injury prone. Risky business. And what ever happened to Chavez from Honduras? All gone quiet there?

Martin Petrov apparently wanted to leave Man City to come to Spurs but the deal never materialized. Look for him in January, as Jaymes from THBN thinks we might get him on the cheap and I agree.

I was also expecting another Palacios type of player, but I guess Hudd will have to adapt those qualities and assume the role when needed.

A close friend of mine truly believes that Bentley was off to Man City; for some reason, I can’t see Harry giving up on him quite yet. I would love to see Bentley come back stronger than ever and silence his critics, not going to hold my breath though.

UPDATE: guess my friend was right… read somewhere Bentley’s loan transfer was in the works but Levy would only accept a permanent deal. Can anyone shed some light on this matter?

How do you feel we did in the transfer market? Anyone missing?