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No need to hit the #AVBout panic button

August 26, 2012

Cue the following hashtags:



#BringRedknappBack (God, please no!)

So we drew at home to West Brom in the final minute. Anything new about that? You could see it all unfolding as we were mere passengers in the trainwreck that was about to take place. And when I say “we”, AVB’s included. I’m sure we will all differ on his tactics, player selection and substitutions (Jenas especially); however, I couldn’t really fault much of what he had done.

Remember people, we are a work in progress. The transfer window has not slammed shut as of yet. Modric remains a lilywhite, and the two very players whose potential transfers caused much heated debate on the internet – Hudd (loan) and Daws (QPR) – haven’t even materialized.

I’m sure AVB would like to get down to managing a settled squad but we are nowhere near that. Deals are taking way too long to be finalized. Players don’t know if they’re staying or going. Players who know that they’re staying don’t know if their friends / teammates are leaving or not. It’s a bit of a mess now, but it should all stabilize soon… and by soon, I mean August 31st.

I hope that in the coming week Levy will hammer out what needs to be sorted and we send out / bring in whoever we need to really get our season underway. Otherwise, even Norwich City coming to the Lane could be a daunting affair.


Sell, sell, sell…

September 1, 2011

It’s over. Closed. Not open for business till the winter season. Be warned that the following post was not written with any structure in mind… just thoughts racing through my head during the closing of the transfer window.

Hopes of securing the services of a certain Mr. Diarra never materialized. Instead, we finally sealed the deal (in how many windows has this rumor circulated?) for Scotty Parker from West Ham, with Bentley going the other way. I feel sorry for the latter, 27 years old and going to play for a relegated side on loan… it can’t be easy.

The shifting of deadweight didn’t end there with the permanent transfer of Alan Hutton and the season-long loan of Jermaine Jenas to Aston Villa. Not really a shocker there.

Over the past few weeks, rumors circulated that a two-man deal with the Potters was in the works for Crouch and Palacios. It was true with Sgt. Wilson’s transfer confirmed by the club within the final 2 hours, and Crouchie’s departure confirmed right after the window closed.

Gary Cahill was almost a Spur. I was gutted when Harry confirmed that the deal fell through as we are in desperate need of a reliable defender to consistently start alongside Dawson. I expect us to give Bolton a ring when January rolls around.

So what have we done exactly? Have we made room for Modric’s salary increase? Have we become a selling club?

Majority of the players mentioned above needed to move on. I must admit though that the Crouch deal was one I was not expecting. I’m actually still unsure how I feel about it. I think I’ll need to sleep and wake up to digest what happened this evening. One thing I can tell you now is I won’t be impressed with how little business we managed in regards to new signings coming in.


September 7, 2010

Tottenham Hotspur sign a brilliant midfielder on one hell of a “wheeler dealer” (shh… don’t tell ‘Arry) snag and now every reporter in the world seems to think we have a huge problem on our hands.

“Where will he play? Who will be benched? OMG”. That’s all the jive these days. I thought we had a massive problem when we couldn’t sign anyone? But in the end, that’s what they want us to believe. Headlines baby! It sells.

Our game against Wigan proved that you can never have enough options in the creativity department, especially when it comes packaged in the form of Van Der Vaart. For heaven’s sake boys, this guy can actually score and isn’t afraid to go for goal. Hudd and Modric may be great when paired together, but a goal scoring threat they definitely are not. Even our forwards aren’t much of a threat these days.

So how did we go from too little to too much in one simple purchase during the window? Okay, some players will be sad that they’ve been benched and all that jazz. Who cares!?!?! You want your position? Fight for it. Defend well. Create play. Score goals. The formula is quite simple if you want to be a regular on the starting squad. Ask Bale. He found it. He could very well be re-writing it at this point.

It’s almost guaranteed that if Bentley came back and was in blistering form, we would all support giving him a go and benching Lennon till his form returned. Fickle supporters they say? Not necessarily. We want a team that’s in form and will deliver every night; even during Spurs XI matches. I don’t care if Kevin Bond has to come in and contribute while Joe Jordan breaks a few legs “Soprano” style. We want to win!

I’m sure Harry would much rather have a migraine from too much talent to choose from rather than being short of it. Man City have yet to gel as a squad and that isn’t considered a migraine, it’s a colossal brain hemorrhage with all the cash they’ve spent. I’m sure they’ll come together and if Mancini can manage their egos properly, they will be hard to stop.

Having said that, Spurs are lucky Harry knows how to deal with big egos. The only problem is he may deflate one or two in the process, causing minor, and in some instances, irreparable damage to their form.

Bringing in Van Der Vaart was a great piece of business. Adding him to a midfield roster filled with the likes of Hudd, Modric, Palacios, Jenas, and Kranjcar shouldn’t be looked at as a threat, it should be regarded as a positive.

“That’s all folks!”

February 3, 2010

The short-lived January window officially came to a close the other night with a few surprises, twists and turns. It wasn’t the usual erratic Tottenham we’ve all grwon to love, but it was filled with the ever-redundant Harry vs. Pav quotes constantly gracing Newsnow. Snooze.

So we all know that Gudjohnsen and Kaboul have arrived. The signing of Gudjohnsen was a positive move in my opinion, a player who has played at the highest level and has tasted success. He may be off in the fitness department, but I’m sure Harry sees something promising in having him around. In regards to Kaboul, I guess it was a deal which was done out of necessity more than admiration. Woodgate has been unable to overcome his groin injury, while at the same time we cannot depend on King to stay healthy game-in game-out. We need options. Whether Kaboul is up for the job is another question. Apparently, he also has the ability to slot into the RB role, where since Hutton and Naughton (both RBs) have been loaned out, Corluka will desperately need cover.

Giovanni Dos Santos has also been loaned out to Galatasaray. I hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of him. I worry though that all these loan spells have done nothing to boost his morale at Tottenham. Not being wanted can have a major affect on any player. Bent. Who am I kidding? Act like a professional FFS.

So it was looking to be a boring window, but then came the highlight of it all. Keane’s move to Celtic could be the highest profile transfer of this window. I’m sure Celtic fans would like to think so. I mean, at the end of the day, he’s back at his “boyhood club”. It makes me wonder if Keano could be the luckiest player in the world? I mean, to play for both of your boyhood clubs in the span of two years must be an amazing accomplishment. Not.

Leeds tonight. Praying for success.

‘Arry comes clean

September 26, 2009

“It’s impossible” then as ‘Arry finally comes clean about Sol Campbell’s return to Spurs. Usually, I would say that there is no truth behind it and that when January rolls around he will put in a bid for him… but at the end of the clip, ‘Arry acknowledges that Spurs fans would have his head if he even tried (not in those words… you get my point).

Don’t you just love ‘Arry in interviews?? COYS!

Credit due to Tottenham blog and vlog for the video.