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A lot to digest

August 29, 2009

It has been an amazing month!

We kicked off August with 2 preseason matches, an away loss to South China and an imperious victory against Olympiakos at home. Showing decent performances in the preseason gave me a sense of relief. After the 2008 preseason win against Roma, many thought we would be the team to beat scoring 5 goals against a Champions League side. “2 points from 8 games” followed that hype, along with some “triffic” sound bites from Harry which we’ll never forget he’ll never let us forget.

Leading up to this season, our aim was and still is to secure a top 6 position. So we kicked it off with the following:

  • Season opener: Liverpool at the Lane. 2-1. A unexpected easy win and 3 points in our column. Phew!
  • Next match: Hull City away. 5-1. Another win? For sure some of us thought it wouldn’t be easy, but oh it was. Hat-trick easy.
  • Back to London: West Ham away. 2-1. Not the greatest display of football but our side showed determination to come back and win it.
  • Carling Cup: Doncaster away. Our reserve squad put on a cracking show. 5 goals from 5 different players. Impressive.

9 points and a cup win. Not too shabby. The month of August also witnessed other numerous developments:

  1. Bent transferred to Sunderland.
  2. A group of our younger players were loaned out.
  3. Sebastien Bassong signed from Newcastle.
  4. David Bentley crashes his Porsche while under the influence.
  5. Squad numbers assigned… no Bostock?
  6. Assou-Ekotto scores his first!
  7. Bassong scores on his debut!
  8. Palacios scores his first and Defoe gets a hat-trick! “Triffic stuff”.
  9. Assou-Ekotto signs new deal till 2013.
  10. Gomez injured and replaced by reliable Cudicini.
  11. Club placing of new shares, equivalent of £15 million for the new stadium.
  12. Top of the league after our first 3 matches… our best start since the early 60’s.
  13. Chimbo off to Blackburn.
  14. Spurs sign a strategic partnership with Inter of Brazil… “to develop players for both the Club and other European Leagues.”
  15. O’Hara signs new deal till 2013.
  16. Boateng moves to Portsmouth.
  17. O’Hara is loaned out to Portsmouth.

What could possibly happen next? I still think we’ll be signing a player or two before the transfer market closes. We had a French midfielder, Anin, try out and apparently Harry was pleased and requested a loan deal but his club have rejected it. We also have one of Palacios’ countrymen on trial at the center back role… still waiting to hear on that. Last but not least, it was rumored that we would be attempting to sign Sandro from Internacional (Brazil) as a back up or partner to Wilson. Don’t know if this is going to happen, especially since it it turned out we were in Brazil to sign the Inter partnership deal.

We could possibly cap of the month with 12 points to our name if we beat Birmingham tomorrow. Wonder what kind of media hype that would bring to the table? Hope we win to find out. COYS!!

The Bostock Controversy

August 14, 2009

Squad numbers were released today on the Spurs official site. Was relieved to see Giovanni Dos Santos given a number (17) as I am a believer the boy deserves a shot. He has proven with Mexico that he’s more than capable of posing a major threat in front of goal. New boys Crouchie, Kyle Naughton (loved what I’ve seen from him so far) and Bassong got the numbers 15, 16 and 19 respectively. Jake Livermore was also included in the list so I’m assuming this means he’s staying put at White Hart Lane after his one month loan spell. “Wild Child” Kevin Prince Boateng is back and looks like Harry likes what he’s seen from him in training. Maybe he got a harsh reality check when nobody in Germany rated him, finally realizing he isn’t God’s gift to football. Danny Rose has been awarded the number 25 and I expect to see him get a few chances this season to showcase what he’s got.

Which leads me to the title of this post: WHERE IS JOHN BOSTOCK? I thought he’d be on the list for sure! The young midfielder was definitely worth a punt, no? Does this mean we’re looking to loan him out soon? I was surprised to see Dorian Dervite on the list after his “I want to play 1st team football” rant but the Bostock controversy hit even harder! Is it possible a mistake was made on the site?

Bostock’s move to Tottenham from Crystal Palace was somewhat controversial not because of the price we paid – more so, how we paid it. He cost us £700,000 with an incentive scheme which could eventually see the amount grow to £1.25 million depending on appearances. The argument from Crystal Palace was that Premier League teams should have to pay the amounts up front and not in portions; otherwise, there is no reason for lower league teams to continue developing talent, especially special prospects like Bostock, and selling them off on the cheap. Crystal Palace spent years nuturing Bostock’s skills but in the end, they were left with practically nothing. Money they could have used to grow the club. I’m beginning to sound like a nagging Palace fan!

AAAAAH… It’s great to be a Tottenham supporter, a club that has the ability to attract and buy players like Bostock. But after all the controversy and problems we went through to bring him to the Lane, why leave him out?

Diplomatic Football Talk

August 12, 2009

How many times have you heard the new signing at your club talk about how happy he is? How it’s a lifelong dream to play for your team and he’s on top of the world? I guess it’s player diplomacy at the end of the day. Wherever they go, even if it’s just another stepping stone in their career, they will always make it seem like it’s the ideal transfer. Well, thanks to a friend who gave me the idea (cheers bishri), I went back and did some research on Darren Bent’s signing interviews tracing back to his Ipswich days where he promised he wouldn’t leave… then jumped ship to Charlton… then promising Charlton he wouldn’t leave… then to Spurs… finally to Sunderland. He’s had quite a busy 5 years.

It’s all in the quotes:

December 2004. Leaving or staying at Ipswich?

I’m happy here, I know everyone here, I grew up through the academy and it would be silly to leave, especially with us being top and there being a chance of me going to the Premiership anyway… I don’t think there’s anywhere else I need to play“.

A few months later:

June 2005. Signing for Charlton Athletic

“As soon as I met Alan Curbishley and Richard Murray I had no doubt whatsoever that this was the club I wanted to join… I have been hugely impressed by their plans for the club, both on and off the field, and I am convinced Charlton can go from strength to strength… I very much want to be part of that.”

Speculation in the summer:

July 2006. Leaving or staying at Charlton?

“I am delighted to bring to an end all the press speculation about my future… Richard Murray knows that I am committed to this club (Charlton) and although I am flattered to be linked with the biggest clubs in the country I owe Charlton a lot after they gave me my chance in the Premiership and the fans have been right behind me since I joined… I have a good feeling about this season…”.

One year later out the door:

July 2007. Signs for Spurs

“Tottenham have a lot of young English players and it’s a young squad, it’s a squad going forward and that’s the direction I wanted to take… It’s exciting times for me and Spurs and hopefully I’ll show what I can do… They seem to be getting better and better every season and I would love to be part of that (see June 2005 above).”

Twitter-gate leads him out the door to the Stadium of Light:

August 2009. Signs for Sunderland

“Now it’s all about Sunderland. They want to make big strides. Sunderland have the potential to go beyond Spurs (ouch – where did the diplomacy go?).”

So is it player diplomacy at the end of the day, or just “give me my money and I’ll say what you want to hear”? You be the judge.

He’s Back

July 28, 2009

The club has officially announced that Peter Crouch is coming back to Spurs. The fee is undisclosed as of yet but it is assumed that it would be anywhere between 10 to 12 million pounds. I am excited at this point because I at least now know that he is on board and has time to gel with the other players. So does this mean that Bent is finally off to Sunderland? I think so.