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Is there anybody out there?

August 1, 2010

Two mere weeks away from our first Premier League fixture and no signings in site. I am confident that there will be some sort of acquisition in the coming weeks. But who? The player(s) we do bring in will obviously have to have a direct impact on the squad. After all, this is Spurs highest profile season in almost 50 years.

Some supporters think that by buying young Sandro Ranieri at the beginning of the summer, we have the luxury of slotting him into the squad lineup when Manchester City come to visit. Unfortunately, he won’t be ready for quite some time because the Brazilian’s term with the club begins when his commitments with Internacional of Brazil end.

As the World Cup came to a close, Spurs were heavily linked with Joe Cole, Craig Bellamy, Luis Suarez, Scott Parker, Diego Forlan and Spartak Moscow keeper Stipe Pletikosa. Cole obviously snubbed the lilywhites to go play under the new Roy Hodgson regime. A part of me was sad that even Champions League football wasn’t enough to convince a high profile player to come to the Lane. Did he not believe in our cause? Some will argue that he’s not good enough and all that jazz; however, at the end of the day, Harry really wanted him and Levy was out negotiating the deal. To not get him was a blow to our management, I’m sure.

The other deal which we are expecting to happen is Bellamy. It’s no secret that he’s currently surplus to requirements at Man City under Roberto Mancini, and he obviously has a great relationship with Harry (remember his smile after we secured 4th). It’s only a matter of time before we see him holding up a lilywhite & blue scarf, right? Not quite as it now seems that Mark Hughes and Fulham are planning to hijack the Welsh nomad (if you believe the media). Call it payback for the Crouchie snub, call it what you want. Are we getting dicked in the market?

So I ask the question again: who will be coming to the Lane? Is it possible we could land Suarez? I don’t know about that. Scott Parker? Most fans don’t think he’s good enough. Who knows anymore. but thank the heavens that we haven’t witnessed an influx and exodus of players who we have no idea if they’re capable of playing Spurs-style footy come the beginning of our campaign.