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It’s finally over!

August 5, 2009

Yup, it’s over! Darren Bent has finally signed with Sunderland and is no longer a Spur. I was so sick of waiting and waiting… hoping this wouldn’t drag on like the Berbatov saga. Think I even lost a tooth from all the grinding. Imagine what Twitter boy was going through. He must have ulcers by now.

The deal is apparently worth 10 million quid, with a possibility of it reaching 16.5 million depending on “appearances”. What the hell does that mean?  Who cares at this point, let’s move on and use some of the money to build up the defense. I wonder if the Bassong deal will go through now? Are we going after another striker? Huntelaar? Left winger? Another defender? Should I wear blue or green boxers?

So many questions running through my head! And I thought this deal would bring me some peace of mind… yeah right!

Twitter-dee or Twitter-dumb

August 1, 2009

What was Darren Bent thinking? As a professional footballer, you have to be careful of what you say and do… your every move is watched by others. When I first heard that Bent’s Twitter account had some derogatory comments towards the Tottenham board for delaying his move to Sunderland, I was shocked. I have seen fake accounts set up by people taking the piss. This time, however, it was all true.

He told them to “stop f###ing around”; that he was “seriously getting pissed off now!” He then wrote: “Do I wanna go Hull City NO. Do I wanna go Stoke NO do I wanna go Sunderland YES so stop f###ing around, Levy. Sunderland are not the problem in the slightest.” – His grammatical errors according to quotes I found online; not mine 🙂

Wow, glad we paid a lot of money for this fool! I understand his frustration, who knows what I would do in his position. But at the end of the day, he has kids looking up to him, he has fans that support him and at the same time – as one friend wisely mentioned – he is our player. We have the right to use him as a negotiation tool whether he likes it or not.

Bent’s come clean since posting a public apology on the Spurs official site. Apparently, he will be fined ÂŁ80,000 for this mess up. Twitter-Dumb if you ask me!

UPDATE: Turns out the fine is ÂŁ120,000 – ouch!