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Sell, sell, sell…

September 1, 2011

It’s over. Closed. Not open for business till the winter season. Be warned that the following post was not written with any structure in mind… just thoughts racing through my head during the closing of the transfer window.

Hopes of securing the services of a certain Mr. Diarra never materialized. Instead, we finally sealed the deal (in how many windows has this rumor circulated?) for Scotty Parker from West Ham, with Bentley going the other way. I feel sorry for the latter, 27 years old and going to play for a relegated side on loan… it can’t be easy.

The shifting of deadweight didn’t end there with the permanent transfer of Alan Hutton and the season-long loan of Jermaine Jenas to Aston Villa. Not really a shocker there.

Over the past few weeks, rumors circulated that a two-man deal with the Potters was in the works for Crouch and Palacios. It was true with Sgt. Wilson’s transfer confirmed by the club within the final 2 hours, and Crouchie’s departure confirmed right after the window closed.

Gary Cahill was almost a Spur. I was gutted when Harry confirmed that the deal fell through as we are in desperate need of a reliable defender to consistently start alongside Dawson. I expect us to give Bolton a ring when January rolls around.

So what have we done exactly? Have we made room for Modric’s salary increase? Have we become a selling club?

Majority of the players mentioned above needed to move on. I must admit though that the Crouch deal was one I was not expecting. I’m actually still unsure how I feel about it. I think I’ll need to sleep and wake up to digest what happened this evening. One thing I can tell you now is I won’t be impressed with how little business we managed in regards to new signings coming in.

A quick salute to our South Americans

March 7, 2010

A quick salute to two players after last night’s FA Cup match against Fulham. What they did to give us a shot at the Cup:

  1. Gomes
    • An early save, at full stretch, to deny Zamora a goal which could have changed the outcome of the match.
    • A point-blank header by Gera denied early in the 2nd half; quick reflexes and mighty-quick thinking.
    • Denies Duff at full stretch… not only blocking the ball but catching it. Quality!
  2. Palacios
    • He was everywhere at the right time. If a Fulham play was broken up, it seemed Palacios was somewhere in the frame.
    • Controlled his instincts to slide in for tackles, instead just timing his tackles to avoid a yellow card and being extremely effective.

So we didn’t walk away with the win, but at least we’re taking it back to the Lane. For the rest of the squad, I wasn’t overly impressed with the lot of them, although Bale still managed to maintain an impressive string of consistent performances. We’re still in it!


Poo Poo

December 2, 2009

Not much to say folks. Spurs started off with the right attitude, holding the ball well and playing with some zip right from the start. We started with more of our first team players than Man Poo, so I was expecting Tottenham to be consistent throughout the match. Gibson took his first goal well and I still believed we could get back into it. Then Gibson took his second and my world caved in.

The biggest disappointments for me were Palacios and Bassong. They just didn’t seem to have their heads in the match from the start. Palacios was subbed at the half for Jenas and it changed everything. Hope reared its ugly head again only to leave me disappointed… again.

Let’s face the facts, they beat us fair and square with practically their youth team which is quite respectable. It’s not the end of the world: Spurs are still in the FA Cup, still sitting pretty in 3rd and Berbatov is a flop so far.

I’m still all smiles.